Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Begining Of A new Path

Well, here we go.

My name is Mark. I am a food enthusiast, or foodie as the term is now widely used. I love food and everything it brings to the table: Health, passion, energy, taste and life. Cooking is really one of the only arts which utilizes all 5 senses, and I enjoy everything about it.

I started to cook at a decent level when I was about 22. I wasn't a healthy child growing up, so I thought I had better eat healthy every chance I could. After losing interest in food that didn't taste great, or, as I thought at the time, "this tastes like what a horse or cow should be eating", I decided to keep on cooking and eating healthy. But from now on, I will add whatever flavors I can to make whatever I am eating taste better. I have never looked back. I started looking into the health benefits of herbs and spices and how they can work with your body. I couldn't believe what I missed out on while I was growing up.

These days, I am married with one wonderful little girl, Olivia. I work out of the house and am a stay-at-home dad. I do all the cooking around the house and at other peoples houses as well. I have a small business on the side where I come to your house and take care of the cooking while you can concentrate on your guests. While my wife was pregnant, I made sure she ate as healthy as possible, while she was around me anyways. After O was born, I found out she was drinking a couple of pops a day at the office, among other unhealthy eating habits. But, the doctor said, "Whatever you are doing in regards to food, keep doing it! You are very healthy in that regard." I was very relieved to hear that from him. I plan to continue the same thing for our little girl. So far, she has ate everything we have given her, except parsnips. Can't say that I blame her!

The idea of this blog is to share our eating habits and all the good things which come with them. I also invite readers to share anything of interest to them regarding food. I am on a continuing path of education. The more I know about food, the better my and my families life will be. If you would like the recipes to anything on here which I write about, feel free to ask at anytime. Always glad to help and pass on the good word.

On with today's menu. Today is the second day in which O was able to try kiwis. I mixed them in with apricots, prune juice, rice cereal and yogurt. Seems to go over very well as all components are tasty, healthy and help the body perform all of the essential functions. So far, we have tried blueberries, plums, peaches, green and yellow beans, broccoli, the list goes on and on. All have been accepted without much of a fight. Lunch will consist of broccoli, carrots and yellow beans. Mixed in with that will be extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), sea salt, fresh ground pepper, Italian parsley, thyme and rosemary. The only thing in here she hasn't already tried is parsley, but I have no worries about this. Later on, supper will consist of sweet potato, chicken, carrots and will mix in the usual EVOO, sea salt and pepper. We usually eat after little O goes to bed. We will dine on whole wheat pasta with a tomato sauce consisting of Italian sausage. Living on the edge with the sausage, but I reduced the fat as much as possible without compromising flavor. All herbs were from our garden: Oregano, rosemary, thyme basil and Italian parsley.

Until tomorrow, good eating everyone.

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