Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not Much Happening Here

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Today is Saturday. Pretty quiet around here as Mrs. Urban Eater and her mother went to a hair appointment. So O and her Grandpa  and myself are hanging out together. Nice day, sunny but not very warm, so we may opt out on a walk until this afternoon.

Believe it or not, no one was hungry enough for the Eggs in Purgatory. So, we'll just have to do it tomorrow, I guess. No problem. Went with the berries and granola again, except I added papaya and banana. The wife didn't want flax oil, but I snuck a little in there anyways because I can do that. Grandma liked it, or so she said. She ate it all, so I'm thinking she wasn't lying to be nice. She knows she could have anything she wants that is here, but she's a good mother in-law. No complaints. Olivia had the usual mix of berries and fruit. Today it was papaya, kiwi, peach and apricots. A little yogurt and organic whole grain rice cereal. She put a good dent in it, but couldn't quite finish it off.

We usually like to take the wife's parents out for dinner when they are here. They don't get the luxury of having a bevy of fine places to go out and eat if they want, like we do here. They are fine with a pizza joint or something similar. Sometimes we step it up a little and go international with them. The last time they visited, we took them to an East Indian place called Surahi ( They have no experience with Indian food, virgins actually. We go there at least once a month or so. The food is decent and consistent. I like that. The in-laws, not so much. The food was fine, their stomachs weren't. I kept them away from the Lamb Vindaloo, thank God, but moved them more towards the Butter Chicken. The lamb is pretty heavy on the spice, but according to the lady who was serving us they cut back on the hot stuff. What?? Geez, good thing for that. I like it hot, but not that hot! We were thinking of taking them for Italian to Il Gallo Nero (, but we went last Saturday with another couple instead. Nice place, been there a couple of times now, highly recommend it. We started off with the Carpaccio and the Antipasi Misto (a platter of meat and cheese). I had the Risotto Ai Funghi E Prosciutto for my main. Good flavor, a little dry for my liking. Mrs. Urban Eater had a Caprese Salad and then the Gnocchi Tartufati. All good, no complaints anywhere. While we were there, Cindy Klassen (co-record holder for Canada's all-time most decorated Olympian with 6 medals) and her spouse, I think, walked in with a guitar. What they were doing with the guitar, couldn't tell you. They ordered a pizza, watched as it was made and baked in front of them, and off they went. I think they are regulars there as the staff seemed to know them. A nice bottle of red wine, good food, good friends equals a great night out. I will make sure I remember the wines from now on as I will let you know wine parings as well. Wine can be somewhat healthy too, you know. You have to enjoy some of that once in awhile too. All the being said, we still haven't decided where to take the parents this time around, but I'm sure we will figure it out soon enough.

We are now off to the farmers market in search of tomatoes, cucumbers and some peppers for salads, and peaches, nectarines and whatever fruits we can find mainly for little O. We eat them as well, but she comes first. The out-of-towners brought us about 7 or 8 bags of veggies from their garden. Gotta love it!

We better hit the road before the day passes us by.

Until next time, good eating everyone.


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