Friday, September 3, 2010

Different Frequency

This is supposed to be the last nice, warm day for awhile now. I'm going to be quick about this and head outside soon.

This blog I write takes a lot of time as I research what I talk about and I try to do various things in the kitchen throughout the day, for myself, my wife and for O. What I'm going to do from now on is change the frequency on how much I write this daily article. Instead, I will write this when I can, maybe a couple of days in a row, maybe every other day. This way I can accomplish more during the day and add more pictures and ideas to this column. The plan is still to help people become more aware of what is out there and how accessible it can be.

The idea of talking about and getting other people to take notice of food is a very tough challenge. We all talk about it, it's part of our everyday activities, healthy or not. For me, it's a passion. If one person can say to themselves "Self, I think I'll try one of the recipes or ideas The Urban Eater talked about", then I have done what I intended this blog to do.

Last night, Mrs. Urban Eater started off the peachfest by blanching the peaches I bought at the farmers market to make them easier to skin.

Little O will love these. Fresh, organic, can't go wrong. The adults in the house will enjoy them as well. It won't be long before the go bad, so down the hatch they go! I love them as the flavor is bright, fresh and they are indeed healthy for you ( I don't eat enough of these, so that will change as of now.

Before I was able to work on this today, I had to feed the little one. Today she gobbled back apricots yogurt, banana and rice cereal. I tried letting her eat a sliced banana on her own, but she didn't seem to interested as she wanted to squish it in her hands instead. She was actually getting mad at the banana for not presenting itself very well outside of her fist. Too funny. She eventually lost interest and out came the bowl and spoon.

This weekend, we are going to make lasagna and take it to a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She went under the knife last week and is now recovering well at home. I find this very sad as the type of cancer she has unfortunately ruined her and her husbands future plans for many different things. Lasagna is a very small token for us to give her, but it's the thought that counts. I very much hope for her to have a full and speedy recovery.

Off to run errands now. Maybe call a friend, DC for lunch at the local Greek restaurant we have been talking about going to. Hopefully time is on my side for this as I am looking forward to trying this place. I love Greek food. Yum!

Until next time, good eating everyone.


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