Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PEI Lobsters And Mussels

My dad lives in Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada. Every couple of years we head out to see the old boy and his wife Suzanne and spend some time putzing around the island, golfing and, well, eating. When you're this close to the sea, it makes no sense to eat meat and potatoes. Take advantage of what Mother Nature gives you whenever you can.

There's a place not too far from Charlottetown towards the center of the island called New Glasgow. Besides having a great golf course (Glasgow Hills), they also have a place called New Glasgow Lobster Suppers where you go to gorge yourself, if you wish, on unlimited breads rolls (which are soooo good, but it's white bread unfortunately), seafood chowder, locally grown mussels and pie, lots and lots of pie! Now, the latter I could do without, but one piece won't kill me. It's not a high falutin' place by no means, but it's clean, well organized and it's always busy. That's what happens when you serve good grub.

After all the preliminary food and before the pie, you get a nice, fresh lobster. I chose the 1.5 pound fellow because I don't agree with eating the big ones. An old fellow once told me the big ones should stay in the ocean strictly because they are the ones doing the majority of the breeding. I don't know if this is true or not, but it makes sense to me so I go with the smaller guys. Good food if you're going to eat a lot of it, but just don't make a habit of it.

We left the lobster supper dome and stopped into The PEI Preserve company. Nice place with lots of different jams, jellies and things like that. They had some music playing on the other side and little O bolted over there and started to dance in front of everyone. Pretty cute, I guess as I didn't get to see it. A little bit after that she took off again and Suzanne went after her. She's a real trooper. O stopped on a dime and poor Suzanne wiped out and took a couple of old ladies out with her. O was looking at them all as if to say "What's with you guys??" The building is situated on a slough, but it's probably the prettiest shithole you've ever seen.

A couple of days before the lobsterfest, we went out west to a place called Malpeque. This is where some of the worlds best oysters come from, so of course I had to head out there this time to check the place out. We arrived and looked around, took some pictures and had a bite to eat at The Oyster Barn. I asked if anyone was around to talk about the oysters and to see if there was any way of talking to any of the people involved in the fishing part of the deal, but the locals really didn't care about any of that. Actually, they wanted nothing to do with me, so we ate our seafood chowders, paid the bill and walked out. The fellow shucking the oysters said he was too busy to talk. Must have been the whole eight people in the joint he was worried about. What the shuck (WTS) is up with that?? I have spoken with chefs at world class restaurants, extremely busy ones at that, during their busy periods, and they have always had time to shoot the breeze for a short time. Anyhow, I did take some pictures of the dock where they get shipped out in those big, blue plastic crates to wherever they are going to be consumed.

Nice little harbor...

Will & Kate's plane flew right over top of us as they were leaving. They didn't even wave back to me.

As we trucked along the highway back to dad's place, we came across an unfortunate accident involving one of the trucks we watched leave the docks with a load of oysters. the cab was all crushed up and in the ditch. Didn't look good, but there was no sign of an ambulance so I'm hoping there were no injuries. I was going to volunteer to eat all of the oysters as I didn't want them to not be utilized sitting in the ditch like that for too long, but the police officers didn't seem to want to talk about it. So, on we went.

The next day we went golfing, and then later on went for dinner to Sirenela Ristorante to have their grilled calamari (Calamari alla Griglia) I love so much. Along with that we dined upon their wonderful mussels and the special dish for the night, grilled octopus. No decent pictures came out of that place, so we ate without the flash. These were all nice, light dishes which we shared as we wanted to leave some room for a few oysters down the street at Sims Corner Steakhouse. After shuffling down the street, we arrived at Sims and saddled up to the oyster bar. The young lady behind the bar was very helpful and schooled us on which oysters they had for that particular day (they change all of the time) and how they would taste. They were more expensive than out here on the other side of the country, but who am I to question them.

We had a couple of plates full of a fee different types and away we went.

It was a good trip with good food, good people, a few rounds of golf thrown in as well. Can't wait to go back, possibly next year again.

Quote Of The Day:

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in."
~ Robert Orben

Until next time, good eating everyone.


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