Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Down Time

Lately, I have been extremely busy with little O's 1st birthday party, squash tournaments and after her party, O was sick. That meant she was in need of a lot of hugs and that kind of thing, so I obliged. As far as our family menu is concerned, I have been keeping up with that but the pictures aren't that great nor are they plentiful. That will change now that I have more time as she is no longer ill and I promised myself (resolution possibly....??) to eat healthier but still not compromise the flavor, meaning eat smaller portions and snack a little more on fruit.

This way of eating has always been a plan of mine as I tend to eat to much at one sitting, but now I am sticking to it. It's already making a difference people are telling me. I'm glad to hear it's enough to make everyone take notice. We can all do it!

Yesterday, Mrs. Urban Eater stayed home from work sick, so for lunch I made us aglio olio ( with extra garlic. She's still a little sick, but is feeling a lot better. Take note, there are a few things garlic is good for, mainly scaring those bad bugs away. I think it's because garlic makes you stink and nobody wants to be around you, hence no bugs. On the other hand, there are lots of good properties in garlic to keep you healthy if you eat it all of the time ( If this link isn't working properly, as it has been extremely slow lately or not working at all, use this link for more info ( I always cut my garlic up and let it sit for a little while before adding it to the dish. It's supposed to sit for a bit before heating I've been told, as it will increase it's health benefits, as the whfoods link says. Besides, it's always better to plan ahead. Now it's also healthier to plan ahead. One other benefit for us guys is it supposedly puts lead in your pencil. Never a bad thing. The parsley is full of vitamin C as well, more than oranges, so I've been told. This will also help her down the road to wellness.

The wife has also taken to eating spicier (just a little bit though) foods as well now. I like this because I like it spicy too, but not too much as to kill the flavors. A little spice will also help her get better quicker as it makes the blood flow better, the rate of oxidation in your body will decrease and it will help fight inflammation and pain ( This is always good for me as I have a bad knee and my back tends to give me problems if I go to hard on the court. We'll see how this goes this week as I am in The Talsiman Open squash tournament at The Bankers Hall Club ( I may have to eat a lot more chilies next week so I can stand up straight.

Little O's Menu

When she was not feeling well, her appetite dropped right off along with her taste unfortunately. Poor kid. She would eat a little bit, but not much. So I had to really get creative with her. I fed her more often but in little bits. She would eat half of a mini honey mandarin orange, sometimes a full one or even two. Had to be careful with these as they have little seeds in some of the wedges. These little guys are full of vitamin C, so this helped her kick the cold eventually. She has her appetite and taste back now, so she decided to go on an oatmeal binge. For some reason, a few babies will go through this phase and they will eat a pile of it. No problem I say. Oatmeal is full of fibre and helps lower your cholesterol. Oats are a whole grain and the more whole grains you eat, the better off you are ( Just don't load your oatmeal up with brown sugar and cream. That may deplete the health benefits a little, just maybe....

I make sure there are lots of options for her when it comes to oatmeal. I cook it up with a little cinnamon and maple syrup, maybe add a frozen cube of apple sauce or add blueberries and raspberries, or just add it all together! This way she is eating healthy and she won't get sick of it. As far as I'm concerned, she can eat it everyday for the rest of her life. Also, Mrs. Urban Eater bought wild oats instead of the regular ones ( I find there is more flavor in these guys than the regular rolled oats I grew up with and am used to using. There are other options such as steel cut oats, but we will try that in time.

I better get back into the kitchen so I can take more pictures of the foods I love to cook.

Quote Of The Day:

"A good meal ought to begin with hunger"
- French Proverb

Until next time, good eating everyone.