Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Having A Tough Time

I have to admit, lately my mind hasn't been on food.... at all. This makes reading, writing or anything which requires any kind of thought or attention span directed towards food or this post very hard. Don't get me wrong, I'm not losing my interest nor am I running out of recipes to post. I simply just have so many other things going on in mind and in my life right now, food has taken a back seat in the car ride of life this last little while.

Last weekend I went up to my hometown to sit in on a medical assessment with my step-father regarding my mother for her Alzheimer's issues. Just seeing my mom in her present state was difficult as she has declined rapidly and is now in need of some kind of professional care. Thankfully there is someone from the health region who used to be a dental patient of my fathers (my mom was his office manager for many years) for around 20 years, so she can at least familiarize herself and hopefully remember (and keep remembering) this lady.

My mother and I never really saw eye to eye on a lot of things when I was growing up, and really never did when I became an adult. We never had any run-ins since I was a teenager as I knew how to deal with her personality issues. "Take her with a grain of salt" I kept saying to myself. She was able to help me as a parent should help a child, but when it came down to a lot of the other things like teaching someone how to walk away from a bad situation and not hold a grudge, or if you have an argument or disagreement with someone, especially a loved one or someone who is close to you, keep it civil and use common sense to try and resolve the situation politely, unless there is no other rational alternative. Growing up in a small northern Canadian city taught me to beat the crap out of someone who really needs or deserves it, not my parents. She did however, teach me to eat my fruit and vegetables. This is something I can happily say I can pass on to my little girl and tell her "Your grandma and grandpa made me do it, now it's your turn to learn."

The moral of this story: You only have one mother and one father. If you still have them in your life, try to make the best of things now, even if it wasn't great before. You never know how long they will be here for, and you never know how long you will be able to have a nice conversation with them. If they know your name and/or remember your birthday, it's a good day.Always try to have a little sense of humor about things such as this as well. If you don't, it may consume you and cost you a few things like your job, some friends, your appetite and maybe a your sense of dignity.

I now have to refocus my thoughts on what is important to me, feeding my family, researching and creating the dishes which you see on here. The knowledge is still there, now I have to get the creativity back so I can move forward. To tell you the truth, I really haven't done anything worthwhile in the kitchen for a few weeks now. The way I see it, if I continue doing what I was doing before on the recipe research and development front, I will be a more content person as I am doing what I love to do and have always done, find solace in the kitchen. I like the feeling when I'm able to be a total control freak over a "thing" which covers a small, non-personal area and doesn't affect anything anyone else in the house is doing, unless of course I give them food poisoning.

A few weeks back, we had pancakes. Little O likes them a lot as she can eat with her hands and not worry about having to do any dishes afterwards. Mrs. Big City Eater (screw it, let's just call her by her real name, shall we?), Bonnie, wanted to add blueberries. Great idea as we all know how good they are for you. O loved them even more, but was a little messy after. No problem, we just took her to the car wash and hosed her down. Haha, not really. A nice shower worked just fine. A little butter for flavor, a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten them up a little more and you have yourself a great breakfast for a Sunday morning.

Quote Of The Day:

"Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror."
~ Byrd Baggett - American motivational speaker, team builder and author

Until next time, good eating everyone.